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WAPA was originally founded in the 80's and was active for many years. It gradually disbanded in the 90's. In 2001, following the events of 9/11, WAPA was re-formed to give pilots a voice in the Worcester area. Since then, WAPA has remained active and has membership that fluctuates from 25 to 50 or morwe pilots. Safety Seminars are held in conjunction with the FAA, and are very well attended, on occasion exceeding 100 attendees, and drawing pilots from as far away as New Hampshire and Central RI and CT.

WAPA is overseen by a BoardOfDirectors. Directors serve for a 3-year term. Officers are elected from the directors and serve for 1 year terms.

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The WAPA Web

worcesterapa.org is the site for All Things Flying in the Greater Worcester Area. The Worcester Area Pilots Association WAPA is open to all Pilots, Mechanics, Students, and anyone else with a genuine interest in Flying. The worcesterapa.org web site is open to anyone, but only postings that are constructive and related to Flying will be accepted.

worcesterapa.org is run by George Clark, on behalf of the Worcester Area Pilots Association. It is built using free and open source software including that listed below:

worcesterapa.org could not be possible without the use of some great Open Source software.

Sympa is software to help manage electronic mail discussion lists, much like Majordomo or Smartmail. Sympa gives each mailing list a unique web page and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change their account options over the web. Even the list manager can administer his or her list entirely via the web. Sympa has most of the features that people want in a mailing list management system, including built-in archiving, mail-to-news gateways, spam filters, bounce detection, digest delivery, and so on.

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